Submission: Health Workforce Australia Bill 2009 Submission

2018-01-23T12:43:04+11:00June 10th, 2009|Report, Resources|

Submitted by Dr Gary Speck Chairman Australian Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons Mr Elton Humphery Committee Secretary Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs PO Box 6100 Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 10 June 2009 Dear Mr Humphery Re: Health Workforce Australia Bill 2009 Submission 1. The Australian Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons [...]

The Deaf and Doctors: A Shepherd’s Two Flocks

2017-11-06T18:51:02+11:00December 17th, 2007|Resources|

POWER OF ONE Bruce D Shepherd Working on behalf of deaf children and for the independence of the medical profession The Medical Journal of Australia MJA - Volume 187 Number 11/12 - 3/17 December 2007 Power of One As I rose to speak at a seminar of two or [...]

Medical Indemnity

2017-11-07T10:45:57+11:00June 13th, 2002|Resources|

Australia's Medical Litigation Epidemic UMP Update - 13 June 2002 Status of doctors who are members of UMP whose court cases are falling due in the period of provisional liquidation. Resolutions: Medical Indemnity & Public Hospital Insurance Contracts The Problem "Medical practitioners tend to see malpractice cases as involving a [...]

UMP Update

2017-11-07T10:43:14+11:00June 13th, 2002|Resources|

Thursday 13 June 2002 Stories are appearing in the Sydney Daily Telegraph today concerning the situation of doctors who are members of UMP whose court cases are falling due in the period of provisional liquidation. The stories are based a statement made on 17/5/02 by the Provisional Liquidator of UMP, [...]

ASOS Medical Indemnity Meeting

2017-11-07T10:40:46+11:00December 12th, 2000|Resources|

Airport Hilton, Sydney NSW. 12 December 2000 Motions That ASOS obtain independent actuarial advice as to the financial viability of all six major medical defence funds and report in writing no later than 15 February 2001. CARRIED That ASOS write to the relevant state minister for health seeking a meeting [...]

Application of GST on Orthopaedic Surgeons

2017-11-07T12:20:36+11:00March 31st, 2000|Resources|

This advice will provide a general overview of the legislation and its application to the Health and Medical industries. Overview  The GST legislation will come into effect on 1 July 2000 and will apply to the domestic consumption of all goods and services. While the GST is generally collected at [...]

Motor Accidents Authority (NSW)

2018-01-23T12:45:21+11:00January 31st, 2000|Resources|

New Initiatives for Motor Accident Victims The Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999: Implications for Orthopaedic Surgeons The information contained below was scanned from an original document supplied by the NSW Motor Accidents Authority and is reproduced here for the information of ASOS members. (September 2000). Background Medical Disputes The MAS [...]

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