1. The Australian Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons (ASOS) maintains that by any measure, Australia enjoys high standards of orthopaedic medical treatment and hospital care due to high standards of training in orthopaedic surgery and related specialties, innovation in medical technology, and an established public and private hospital system. Most importantly, Australians have a choice of doctor and choice of hospital. Choice is an underlying principle for upholding high standards of quality and innovation. This has contributed to Australians enjoying the second longest life expectancy in the world.

2. According to the AIHW, there were 617,789 hospital separations related to the musculo-skeletal system in public and private hospitals in 2013-14, making up 6.4% of the total number of hospital separations by procedure (9,702,304). [1] Musculo-skeletal disease and injury affect all demographics from the young and active to the elderly and housebound.

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